What can a DevOps Engineer do to meet these requirements?

A company wants to use a grid system for a proprietary enterprise in-memory data store on top of AWS. This system can run in multiple server nodes in any Linux-based distribution. The system must be able to reconfigure the entire cluster every time a node is added or removed. When adding or removing nodes, an /etc./cluster/nodes.config file must be updated, listing the IP addresses of the current node members of that cluster The company wants to automate the task of adding new nodes to a cluster.

What can a DevOps Engineer do to meet these requirements?
A . Use AWS OpsWorks Stacks to layer the server nodes of that cluster. Create a Chef recipe that populates the content of the /etc/cluster/nodes.config file and restarts the service by using the current members of the layer. Assign that recipe to the Configure lifecycle event.
B . Put the file nodes.config in version control. Create an AWS CodeDeploy deployment configuration and deployment group based on an Amazon EC2 tag value for the cluster nodes. When adding a new node to the cluster, update the file with all tagged instances, and make a commit in version control. Deploy the new file and restart the services.
C . Create an Amazon S3 bucket and upload a version of the etc/cluster/nodes.config file. Create a crontab script that will poll for that S3 file and download it frequently. Use a process manager, such as Monit or systemd, to restart the cluster services when it detects that the new file was modified. When adding a node to the cluster, edit the file’s most recent members. Upload the new file to the S3 bucket.
D . Create a user data script that lists all members of the current security group of the cluster and automatically updates the /etc/cluster/nodes.config file whenever a new instance is added to the cluster

Answer: B

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