Vmware 5V0-21.20 VMware Certified Master Specialist (HCI 2020) Online Training

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1. A solution architect is considering a vSAN Cluster with two hosts per rack. The design should be configured to minimize the potential exposure to rack failure with the capacity to automatically restore compliance with the configured vSAN storage policy.

Which design consideration would minimize potential risks?

2. A company has reserved the last Saturday of the month to conduct server maintenance. An administrator is allowed to perform maintenance from 5 AM to 12 PM. During the upcoming maintenance window, the administrator will upgrade the controller driver, controller firmware, and vSphere version.

Environment details:

• vCenter is already at the latest version

• 5 node vSAN cluster

• The VMs are using a mix of RAID-0, RAID-1, and RAID-5 policies

• Each node is storing 20 TBs worth of VMs

Which maintenance mode option will allow an administrator to successfully perform the required upgrades, while ensuring all VMs remain online?

3. A vSAN administrator wants to implement end-to-end prioritization of vSAN traffic across the network in a shared network infrastructure that is using vSphere Distributed Switches (VDS).

Which two can help achieve this objective? (Choose two.)

4. An infrastructure architect is submitting a proposal for a vSAN Cluster.

These are the customer's requirements:

• Maximize the amount of usable capacity.

• Deduplication and compression will be enabled to help maximize usable capacity.

Which disk group configuration should the architect include in their design?

5. An administrator observes this health check warning:

Controller firmware is VMware certified

They proceed to update the latest firmware on the Storage Controller. After a successful firmware upgrade, the same health check alert continues to display.

Which statement is true?

6. As part of a security strategy for data, a company has elected to migrate to a new KMS system.

Existing vSAN clusters are configured for Data At Rest Encryption. Considering the scenario, which statement is true?

7. Which storage policy can be assigned to virtual machines In a 5-node, all flash vSAN cluster, to provide the highest level of redundancy?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is managing a 4-node, hybrid vSAN cluster. One of the hosts in the cluster went offline.

Referencing the information displayed in the resyncing objects section of the vSAN UI, what is the current state of this cluster?

9. Which is true of the vSAN iSCSI target service?

10. Where would an administrator enable deduplication and compression in a vSAN environment?


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