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Vmware 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.X Online Training - Exam4Training

Vmware 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.X Online Training

To help you pass your 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.X exam, you can prepare your Vmware 2V0-51.21 Exam with less effort. You would have basic and advanced understanding about all the concepts of Vmware 2V0-51.21 Exam Certification. These Vmware 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.X Online Training are designed for your convenience and you can rely on them without any hesitation. With the help of Exam4Training Vmware 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.X Online Training for the preparation of VCP-DTM 2021 2V0-51.21 Exam, you would be able to pass this exam in first attempt with maximum grades.

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1. Which two Windows Server Operating Systems are supported by VMware Horizon 8? (Choose two.)

2. Which storage product allows the pooling of resources to create datastores in a Software Defined Datacenter?

3. Which two client types have the lowest cost of ownership and are easier to manage deployments, firmware updates, and monitor. (Choose two.)

4. An administrator wants to ensure that user’s desktop experience is consistent regardless of the desktop they connect to.

What solution should be used to meet the requirement?

5. Which Horizon feature provides high availability desktops across datacenters?

6. An administrator used the Horizon Console to specify the Active Directory account for joining instant-clone VMs to the Active Directory domain.

What two permissions must be granted to the Active Directory account to perform this task? (Choose two.)

7. An administrator wants to provision a new Golden Image but doesn’t see the VM in the list with golden images.

Which could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

8. Which two built-in apps are supported and automatically added to the profile of a multi-app kiosk profile? (Choose two.)

9. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command is run to produce the output shown in the exhibit?

10. Users need to be able to log into Workspace ONE Access and connect to remote desktops and applications without having to provide Active Directory credentials.

Which Horizon component needs to be deployed to allow this functionality?


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