Genesys GCP-GC-IMP Genesys Cloud Certified Professional – Implementation Online Training

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1. Which license offers features for organizations that require multi-channel based support, including social media along with Workforce Management in their contact center?

2. Where can you find people in your organization and add external contacts to the organization?

3. How many categories of routing are there in a Call Route under the Call Routing page?

4. You can add more than one outbound route to the contact center.

5. Where do you add the list of IP or CIDR addresses allowed or denied access to an External or Phone Trunk?

6. Choose the types of available Phone Trunks in Genesys Cloud. (Choose two.)

7. Where do you configure the Auto Invite setting to send email invites automatically when users are added?

8. You want to have a video chat with Jill and Amelia in the Kayak Guides room. You have clicked on the Open video call icon to initiate the video chat.

What else must happen next for the video chat to work?

9. You want each group to have a place where they can upload, organize, and share documents and files.

Which setting would you click to configure this behavior?

10. What is the maximum file size that a user can upload into Genesys Cloud Documents?