Vmware 1V0-21.20 Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization Online Training

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1. Which two characteristics describe vSphere HA?

2. Which file system protocol is supported by vSphere?

3. Traditional operating systems allocate resources such as CPU and memory for applications installed on computers.

Which vSphere component schedules resource for virtual machines in a similar way?

4. Which two storage protocols can a virtual infrastructure operator use to create a VMFS datastore? (Choose two.)

5. An operator must deploy three virtual machines from a template named Win10-Template, and all three VMs must be configured with unique computer names.

Which action must the operator take to achieve this goal?

6. Which virtual machine (VM) problem is solved using vSphere Storage vmotion?

7. An administrator has been tasked with associating multiple uplink adapters with a single switch that will share the load traffic.

Which networking feature should the administrator configure?

8. A system administrator is preparing a host In a vSphere DRS cluster in partially automated mode for firmware patching and puts a host into maintenance mode. After several minutes, the host still has not entered maintenance mode.

How should the system administrator resolve this problem?

9. Which IP storage is supported on vSphere?

10. Which piece of information does vSphere DRS consider when making decisions about which host to place a virtual machine?