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1. David is the social media manager of a privately owned teenage sports club social media site. When an individual or organization signs up on the site, they must agree to the terms of use and privacy policies before being allowed to create a profile or post on the site. These policies provide Davids organization the ability to collect and use data about the user, such as their interests.

Which of the following would be an inappropriate use of this information'?

2. Kameron is assigned to minimize the vulnerabilities in his company's social media communications and online chatting features His company is launching a new product Information about the new product has been leaked to the public, ahead of schedule. To mitigate the situation. Kameron first focused on redefining who has access to new product information.

What would be the next area to improve?

3. During which stages of the social media strategy planning cycle should you perform social media optimization (SMO)?

4. You suspect that some of your social media posts are not reaching your target audience .

What can you do to improve the effectiveness of your posts?

5. James is creating a social media strategy plan in order to help drive company sales. He is selecting various personas that might shop at the online store and ranking them based on their possible level of interest in the product .

Which stage of the social media strategy plan cycle is he in?

6. A marketing team has received a report that identifies several target audiences. They develop a plan to offer new products to the audiences based on the data in the report .

What stage of social media mining is this?

7. Katie has launched a new natural makeup company and is looking to offer her lipstick line to potential new customers using a social media campaign She has recently seen her competitors successfully use influencers to help promote their products to new customers .

What should she look for when trying to identify the right potential influencers for her audience?

8. A company noticed a recent spike in online posting about of their products. In response, they increased the amount of paid advertising for that particular product. However, sales of the product dropped by 75% in the next 3 months .

Which big data value component was missing from the analysis about the spike?

9. Which of the following is the chief disadvantage to using social media?

10. Erin has been assigned to grow the social media community for a health care provider association She wants to include open job postings and mentoring sections in the community to help people network.

What types of risks will she need to address as she develops the strategy for these community areas?