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1. What is the main reason for the Product Owner to be part of the Daily Scrum?

2. Which Scrum accountabilities (roles = outdated term) have to attend the Daily Scrum?

3. What may happen if the Scrum Teams composition changes during the project?

4. Which of the following describes best the Sprint Review?

5. Which two of the following services are expected from a Scrum Master to a Product Owner.

6. How much of the overall working time should the Product Owner spend with the Developers?

7. The Product Owner is not part of the Scrum Team.

8. The Product Owner is the Scrum accountability (role = outdated term) responsible for engaging the product stakeholders.

9. Which of the following topics can be part of the Sprint Retrospective?

10. Which statements describe best what happens in an organization if Scrum is introduced but the Scrum terminology is tailored to fit into the organizations environment?


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