Nutanix NCSR-Level 1 Nutanix Certified Sales Representative (NCSR): Level 1 Online Training

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1. What is the main advantage of moving into HCI?

2. Which value proposition is appropriate to Nutanix’s “pay as you grow” web scale infrastructure?

3. A prospect wants the benefits of HCI, but wants to avoid removing its existing Cisco UCS Infrastructure.

What should be brought to the prospect’s attention in this situation?

4. How should the benefits of a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution be described to a customer?

5. A customer is considering moving to the public cloud.

What does the customer need to consider?

6. What yearly event does Nutanix host for customer appreciation?

7. What can be accomplished with “OneClick” in Prism?

8. When pitching the value of 1click simple upgrades, which proof point should be used?

9. A prospect is concerned about large upfront expenditures for a datacenter refresh.

Which value proposition of HCI should be positioned to this prospect?

10. A customer using multiple management interface to manage their infrastructure, which feature should you recommend?


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