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1. An administrator is using Volumes for its mission critical environments to support its highly transactional Oracle database. Users have reported that recent queries to the database are very slow and the response times have increased as the database has grown

The administrator noticed that the database server is built using a single large vDisk for the database and logs

How should the administrator resolve this issue?

2. An administer is determining the most recent operation a user performed on the share cifs1

within the last 24 hours? How should the administrator complete this task in File Analytics?

3. An administrator is upgrading Files and receives the following error File Server preupgrade check failed with cause (s) FileServer in HA state A FSVM was noted to be powered off and was successfully powered back on.

Which command result will now enable the administrator to successfully reattempt the upgrade?

4. An administrator installed a new Log Analyzer which collects data from physical endpoints Data collected needs to be accessible and editable for three years after which the data must be deleted to optimize storage consumption.

Which setting should the administrator apply to meet these requirements?

5. Which two configuration items are mandatory for deploying a Files cluster? (Choose two.)

6. An administrator has mapped a Volume Group named VG1 to a VM. Due to changes in the application running inside the VM, two additional volumes are required. At the time of creation, the VM was assigned to a Protection Domain named PD1.

Which two steps should the administrator take to add the additional volumes to the VM while maintaining data protection? (Choose two)


A developer requires API access to a S3 destination for storage.

The environment is currently configured as:

• 4 node Nutanix cluster

• Both Files and Objects have been deployed

• Active Directory access has been configured for Files and Objects.

How would an administrator grant Read-Write access for the developer?

A • Create a new Share/Export within Files supporting multi-protocol access.

• Check the checkbox to Enable API Access

B. Click + Add People under User Accounts within Objects and add the developer account

• Click the checkbox to enable Kerberos Token Authentication

• Create a new Bucket and add the user.

C. Create a new Share/Export within Files supporting multi-protocol access.

• The developer can utilize the REST API to write to the destination.

D. Click + Add People under Access Keys within Objects and add the developer account.

• Download the Access Key and provide it to the developer.

• Create a new Bucket and add the user.

8. A company has two Files clusters for their workloads. Once cluster is running VDI workloads and another one is running Big Data (large file ingestion) workloads. The administrator is planning to optimize the workload performance on the cluster where the VDI workloads are running.

The administrator needs to complete these requirements:

• Determine the current workload type on the cluster.

• Optimize the file share for operations such as small overwrites into larger files

Which two actions should the administrator take to satisfy this requirement? (choose two)

9. What are the three main metrics monitored for each Files instance and per share?

10. A database application that is already leveraging Volumes with a single vDisk is experiencing performance issues.

How should the administrator solve the problem without reconfiguring the Guest OS?


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