Nutanix NCA-5.20 Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) 5.20 Exam Online Training

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1. An administrator has been asked to add 200 virtual machines to their existing Nutanix cluster.

Which Nutanix product will help them plan for this addition capacity?

2. An administrator is managing two AHV and vSphere-based clusters. The administrator is able to install a Windows Guest OS from an ISO Image to VMware VMs, but is unable to do the same activity with AHV VMs.

What should the administrator do to successfully perform this action with AHV VMs?

3. An administrator recently installed Prism Central to use Categories. After having created Categories and Values, the administrator needs to apply these Categories to multiple workloads.

How can the administrator easily perform this task?

4. Protection Domains enable administrators to replicate which two items for Disaster Recovery? (Choose two-)

5. An administrator needs to upgrade AOS for a dark site cluster by using Prism.

What step needs to be completed prior to performing the upgrade?

6. What are two types of Protection Domains that Nutanix offers for Data Protection? (Choose two.)

7. Which Nutanix component can be placed into a third site, in order to assist the primary and secondary sites during a failure event?

8. An administrator has been asked to investigate performance issues for a business critical application. The application runs on a single VM.

What is easiest way for the administrator to begin troubleshooting this issue?

9. Which Deduplication technique could be used to increase the effective storage capacity of a cluster?

10. An administrator wants to deploy a virtual desktop solution on a Nutanix cluster and wants to use the existing production network segment. Due to security concerns, DHCP traffic is blocked on the upstream network switch.

How should the administrator proceed?


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