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Network Appliance NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Online Training - Exam4Training

Network Appliance NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Online Training

The quality of Exam4Training product is very good and also have the fastest update rate. If you purchase the Network Appliance NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Online Training we provide, you can pass Network Appliance certification NS0-527 exam successfully.The IT expert team use their knowledge and experience to make out the latest short-term effective Network Appliance NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Online Training. This Network Appliance NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Online Training is helpful to the candidates who want to pass NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection exam. It allows you to achieve the desired results in the short term.

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1. You want to determine the amount of cold data that can be tiered from a FabricPool-enabled aggregate.

In this scenario, which feature satisfies this requirement?

2. You are asked to protect your customer’s Exchange environment. You deploy SnapCenter 4.1 and the plug-in for Microsoft Exchange Server. While creating the backup policy, you select the Full and Log Backup from the list of supported backup types.

In this scenario, what would the Full and Log Backup type allow you to protect within Exchange?

3. You are deploying a mission-critical business application for a healthcare customer that, according to government policies and regulations, requires zero data loss.

In this scenario, which NetApp solution enables you to set up data replication at a volume level to satisfy your business needs?

4. Your customer wants to implement SVM DR, but the customer is not certain whether the identity-preserve parameter should be enabled. The customer explains that the source and destination clusters are in different network subnets.

In this scenario, which SVM DR solution should the customer use?

5. Click the Exhibit button.

A customer needs to add an additional X91143A card into a FAS9000 to allow mirroring between the production system and the disaster recovery FAS9000 platform. Slots 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9 have cards in them.

Referring to the exhibit, in which slot should you install the card?

6. A customer has developed a new application that uses Oracle with an AFF system to help track all of their shipping trucks around the world. The customer wants to ensure that application-consistent backups are offloaded to the cloud.

In this scenario, which two solutions enable the customer to satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)

7. A storage administrator is reviewing NAS volume space allocation and is concerned that the Snapshot copies that are recently created to protect the volumes are not storing the data from the volumes. One volume contains over 20 GB of data, although the latest SnapShot copy contains only 198 KB of data.

In this scenario, which statement is true?

8. You need to backup Exchange, MS SQL, and VMware virtual machines with application consistency.

Which tool accomplishes this task?

9. You are creating a SnapVault relationship and have concerns about the available capacity on the destination.

In this scenario, which three factors must you consider when you size the destination volume? (Choose three.)

10. A customer has ONTAP 9.5 clusters running at two nearby locations. The customer wants a zero RPO for one mission-critical volume.

In this scenario, which two NetApp solutions satisfy this requirement while using the existing ONTAP clusters? (Choose two.)


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