Network Appliance NS0-175 Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist Online Training

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1. In addition to what is used in a FlexPod Datacenter design, which new hardware component is required to support Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)?

2. All of the following are supported interface types EXCEPT _______.

3. Which one of the following access methods will maintain boot messages across reboots?

4. A customer with a FlexPod Express solution wants to enable remote access to the NetApp storage component.

In this scenario, which two access methods are recommended? (Choose two.)

5. Which two types of Cisco UCS servers are available to be used with a FlexPod Express deployment? (Choose two.)

6. You want to provision and back up storage for specific applications in your NetApp FAS environment. You decide to use NetApp Snapshot copies for application-consistent backups.

7. Which four are improvements in Hyper-V capabilities in Windows Server 2012 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2? (Choose four)

8. An administrator decides to connect storage directly to the UCS Fabric Interconnect to support FCoE within a FlexPod configuration.

In this scenario, which port type should be defined on the Fabric Interconnect ports connected to the storage controller?

9. According to FlexPod CVDs, what is the recommended MTU size for iSCSI logical interfaces (LIFs) on the NetApp Storage Virtual Machine (SVM)?

10. An administrator plans to deploy a Nexus 1000V with VMware ESXi in a FlexPod environment. The administrator wants to ensure proper operation under multiple failure scenarios.

In this scenario, which two configuration actions conform to Cisco's best practices for high availability? (Choose two.)


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