Network Appliance NS0-182 Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP Online Training

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1. You have set up a new 2-node switchless cluster and want to verify that the failover is configured correctly.

In this scenario, which two commands accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

2. You are completing an ONTAP base installation, and your customer is asking you to create two SVMs, one for NFS and one for SMB.

Which type of SVM needs to be created to complete the installation?

3. Which NetApp tool relies on PowerShell to produce a comprehensive handover report to the customer?

4. Which LIF type is used by default for hardware-assisted storage failover communication?

5. Insert a cable from left controller port 0a to IOMA port 2, and from port 0b to IOMB port 3.

6. You just installed two nodes into an existing ONTAP cluster.

When running date on the CLI you notice that the cluster1-03 node is running behind time. You confirmed that you can reach the node management LIF of each node.

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

7. When planning the installation of a new ONTAP 9.5 cluster for a customer, which three steps should you perform? (Choose three.)

8. Node 3 has taken over Node 4. You are attempting to access Node 4 on its management interface but cannot do it. In this scenario, how would you access Node 4's management interface?

9. You completed the installation of an AFF A700s with NetApp CN1610 switches. You used ports e0a and e0f with breakout cables to connect the controllers to the interconnect switches. After completing the cluster setup, ports e0e and e0i are not visible in OnCommand System Manager. In this scenario, what caused this problem?

10. A 4-node cluster has connectivity for both block and file access. Nodes 1 and 3 are used for file access, and nodes 2 and 4 are used for block access. During routine maintenance, node 4 is switched off and the LIFs are migrated to other nodes. Upon investigation, you see that the LIFs that serve file traffic have moved to alternative ports.

However, LIFs that serve the block have not migrated. In this scenario, what is happening?


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