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Select all that apply

What is the correct sequence of steps to install a fix pack to PowerVC?

2. NovaLink uses which hypervisor type?

3. An administrator wants to add a volume to an Image .

How can this be done? Select two.

4. Which APIs and extensions are used to manage the lifecycle and operations of storage resources on a PowerVC managed system?

5. What is a correct statement regarding Red Hat Ansible?

6. What are two requirements to use the PowerVC CSI pluggable driver?

7. In the figure you see MyVM with a health state of "Warning"

What is a common reason for that?

8. A user in a private cloud environment wishes to send multiple expiration date extension requests for the same virtual machine .

Which statement is true?

9. PowerVC tor Private Cloud defines a special user role. These users can only view (he templates made available to them, and can send requests to administrators to deploy a new virtual machine .

Which role (using the CLI)?

10. What can be done with Retype?

What does Private mean?


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