How can this be accomplished?

An ecommerce company uses a large number of Amazon EBS backed Amazon EC2 instances. To decrease manual work across all the instances, a DevOps engineer is tasked with automating restart actions when EC2 instance retirement events are scheduled.

How can this be accomplished?
A . Create a scheduled Amazon CloudWatch Events rule to execute an AWS Systems Manager automation document that checks if any EC2 instances are scheduled for retirement once a week. If the instance is scheduled for retirement, the automation document will hibernate the instance.
B. Enable EC2 Auto Recovery on all of the instances. Create an AWS Config rule to limit the recovery to occur during a maintenance window only.
C. Reboot all EC2 instances during an approved maintenance window that is oil^ide of standard business hours. Set up Amazon CloudWatch alarms to send a notification in case any instance is failing EC2 instance status checks.
D. Set up an AWS Health Amazon CloudWatch Events rule to execute AWS Systems Manager automation documents that stop and start the EC2 instance when a retirement scheduled event occurs.

Answer: D

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