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CIW 1D0-735 CIW JavaScript Specialist Online Training - Exam4Training

CIW 1D0-735 CIW JavaScript Specialist Online Training

Exam4Training CIW 1D0-735 CIW JavaScript Specialist Online Training are doubtless the best reference materials compared with other CIW Web Development Series 1D0-735 exam related materials. If you still don’t believe it, come on and experience it and then you will know what I was telling you was true. You can visit Exam4Training CIW 1D0-735 exam to download our free demo. There are two versions of Exam4Training CIW 1D0-735 CIW JavaScript Specialist Online Training. The one is PDF version and another is SOFT version. You can experience it in advance.

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1. Consider the following code.

Which of the following will occur if the user's response is 25?

2. Consider the following code:

<img onmousout=” sofaPic (this) “ src=”sofa.jpg” alt=”sofa”>

Which of the following is true based on the above code?

3. What is the best practice for testing code to pinpoint a logic error within a script?

4. Ashton need to write out the items in any array as a list, with their array index number followed by their value.

Which block of code will accomplish this?





5. Consider the following code:

The processform() function is not executed when the submit button is pressed.

What change should be made to correct this?

6. What is the expected result of executing the following code block in a Web browser?

7. Consider the following code:

Which of the following is true based on the above code?

8. Consider the following code:

Ginger needs to write a script to display a pop-up alert box with the type of credit card the user selected Which of the following code blocks should she use?





9. Consider the following code:

What does line 9 do?

10. Juan is testing his JavaScript application, which includes the following code:

Assuming Juan enters August for his birth month and his name for firstname, what is the value of birthMonth after executing this code?


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