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1. Web development is a collaborative process.

Which of the following is an example of a benefit from collaborative design?

2. Dylan is trying to decide where to host his small personal website. He thinks his best option would be to get a Web site hosting account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Which of the following is a reason that would support this decision?

3. What is an advantage of the mind mapping approach to brainstorming?

4. You are building an educational games website for children. You have determined that your users respond best to large, colorful, easy-to-read buttons to navigate through the site. You've created a prototype of the navigation element, and want to make sure it meets your user's needs.

What kind of testing should be performed at this stage?

5. Rebecca is registering for her Web site hosting account and has been prompted to pick a strong password. It must include letters, numbers, special characters, and be at least 8 charterers long.

What kind of security threat is her Internet Service Provider trying to prevent with this requirement?

6. When a new user visits your proprietary site, what is typically the first method of interaction with them?

7. You need to update your website for better search engine optimization. You’ve heard of technology that will search web pages, read the code and store the data for public search engines.

What kind of technology is this?

8. Consider the following image.

What kind of Web site would benefit most from this kind of layout?

9. Which of the following represents an SEO strategy of using short phrases of three to five key words?

10. Which of the following is a recommended method in the W3C standards in the operability category to improve accessibility of a web site on a tablet computer?

11. You are designing a website for a wedding planner. She wants all of the text on her site to be displayed in a flowery, elaborate typeface, similar to a wedding invitation. You advise her to consider using a simpler, more conventional typeface.


12. A web site designer is using percentage based dimensions to allow a web site to shrink or enlarge according to the browser and device screen size.

Which of the following is the name for this type of design?

13. You are consulting on the development of a complex Web site for an airline maintenance company. It will contain a large library of technical information. Maintenance technicians will use the site to understand the requirements of their jobs, the physical structure of the airplanes, and other important information. They will need to refer to different areas of the site frequently.

What kind of positional awareness tool should be included to help navigation through the site?

14. What would be a limitation to using a framework to create a large web site?

15. Which of the following would be defined during the functionality part of a site specification?

16. Lisa is developing a Web application using a framework and wants to include interactive elements using JavaScript. She decides to use a JavaScript library too but she is on a tight budget and cannot pay for a license.

Which of the following would be the best option for Lisa to access a library?

17. Which of the following types of applications should you use to publish a Web page you have manually coded in a text editor?

18. Your web developer has presented a report of a focus group’s review of your new website. The report contains information on the amount of time the group spent on the site, the number of clicks required to navigate, and the general pattern of navigation.

What kind of testing was the focus group performing?

19. In the early days of user interface design web (1990’s) designers moved from using tables to organize a layout, to interactive design using Flash.

Today, which group of open-source technologies, are commonly used?

20. Gabby is meeting with a client to discuss a new web site. She is asking her client a series of questions so that she can create a site strategy.

Which of the questions below would help Gabby define the site audience?

21. The Scenario-based design method includes which of the following components?

22. Nicki is working on a website for a company that sells handmade beauty products online. One of the goals for this site is to attract and retain site visitors.

What is one tactic she could use to help achieve this goal?

23. You have just completed focus group testing of a medium sized site. Most of the members of the focus group had difficulty locating the navigation button, but when they found them, they smiled, clicked, and moved to the next page. Based on this observation, you decide to add the navigation buttons at the top of pages, as well as the bottom.

What usability testing stage is being performed?

24. A large hardware retailer has a very large website, with many pages of do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials, and product information.

However, some customers are visiting the site to find the closest physical store. The development team has elected to place a link for the Store Locator in the top right corner of the home page, but it will not appear on tutorial or ecommerce pages.

What kind of navigational element is this?

25. How can you optimize your Web site for accessibility by visually challenged persons on any device (computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones)?


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