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Which two changes must the administrator make to enforce HTTPS authentication? - Exam4Training

Which two changes must the administrator make to enforce HTTPS authentication?

A wireless network in a school provides guest access using a captive portal to allow unregistered users to self-register and access the network. The administrator is requested to update the existing configuration to provide captive portal authentication through a secure connection (HTTPS) to protect and encrypt guest user credentials after they receive the login information when registered for the first time.

Which two changes must the administrator make to enforce HTTPS authentication? (Choose two.)
A . Provide instructions to users to use HTTPS to access the network.
B . Create a new SSID with the HTTPS captive portal UR
D . Enable Redirect HTTP Challenge to a Secure Channel (HTTPS) in the user authentication settings
E . Update the captive portal URL to use HTTPS on FortiGate and FortiAuthenticator

Answer: BD

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