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Which two actions should you perform for each guest tenant? - Exam4Training

Which two actions should you perform for each guest tenant?

Topic 2, Northwind Traders

Case study

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A company named Northwind Traders has a main office and a datacenter. All development occurs at the main office.

Existing Environment

Identity Environment

The network contains an Active Directory forest named northwind.com. The forest and an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named northwind.onmicrosoft.com are integrated by using Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS).

All Azure subscriptions use the northwind.onmicrosoft.com Azure AD tenant.

Northwind Traders uses an Enterprise Agreement (EA) subscription.

All operators are global administrators in northwind.onmicrosoft.com.

Azure Stack Hub Environment

Northwind Traders has the following five Azure Stack Hub integrated systems:

✑ One integrated system that connects to an internet-facing network and has the following configurations:

– The region name is int1.

– The operators do not have access to the user subscriptions.

– The integrated system is used for customer and partner applications.

– The partners and customers of NorthWind Traders use guest user accounts to access various user resources.

✑ Two integrated systems that connect to a private network, are accessed only from inside the company, and have the following configurations:

– The integrated systems are dedicated to research and development.

– One integrated system has a region name of priv1, and the other has a region name of priv2.

– The integrated systems are used for various data rendering, AI workloads, inference, and data visualization.

✑ Two integrated systems that are dedicated to application development and have the following configurations:

– The integrated systems are disconnected from the Internet. The workloads in the user subscriptions have Internet access.

– One integrated system has a region name of dev1, and the other has a region name of dev2.

– Both regions are used only by developers at Northwind Traders.

The external domain name of all the integrated systems is northwind.com. All the integrated systems have Azure App Service and the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) engine deployed.

The computer of the operator in each region has all the prerequisite software installed for managing Azure Stack Hub.

Current Problems

You identify the following issues in the current environment:

✑ The priv2 region recently experienced a catastrophic failure.

✑ The developers report high chargeback costs for the dev1 region.

✑ The int1 region runs a high number of Windows virtual machines that use pay-as-you-use images.

✑ The Northwind Traders partners and customers report that use of the guest user accounts is too complex.

✑ Users in the priv1 region recently deployed NCas_v4 virtual machines for various AI workload. The users discover that the virtual machines do not use GPUs.


Planned Changes

Northwind Traders plans to implement the following changes:

✑ Remove all guest user accounts.

✑ Change the DNS forwarder of the priv1 region.

✑ Change the billing model and registration name of the int1 region.

✑ After the catastrophic failure, restore the priv2 region to its original state.

✑ Provide each partner with its own dedicated user subscription that will use its own dedicated Azure AD tenant.

Technical Requirements

Northwind Traders identifies the following technical requirements:

✑ Minimize hardware and software costs.

✑ Standardize all datacenter workloads on Azure Stack Hub.

✑ In the priv1 region, implement a disaster recovery plan for App Service.

✑ Whenever possible, implement solutions by using the minimum amount of administrative effort.

✑ In the dev2 region, update the AKS Base Ubuntu image to the latest version in Azure Stack Hub Marketplace.

✑ Whenever possible, implement solutions by using built-in tools, features, and services without acquiring additional third-party tools.

✑ For the users’ virtual machines and the associated resources in the dev1 and dev2 regions, implement a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that includes an automated failback process.

✑ If changes to the Azure Stack Hub infrastructure cause workload downtime outside of planned maintenance windows, notify all users in the region where the downtime occurred and schedule a maintenance window.

You remove all the workloads from the int1 region and change the registration model to capacity.

You prepare additional Azure AD tenants for each partner.

You need to configure multitenancy.

Which two actions should you perform for each guest tenant? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A . Run the Register-AzSWithMyDirectoryTenant cmdlet and specify https://management.int1.
northwind.com as the endpoint.

B . Run the Register-AzSGuestDirectoryTenant cmdlet and specify https://management.int1.
northwind.com as the endpoint.
C . Run the Register-AzSGuestDirectoryTenant cmdlet and specify https:// adminmanagement.int1. northwind.com as the endpoint.
D . Change the registration model to pay-as-you-use.
E . Run the Register-AzSWithMyDirectoryTenant cmdlet and specify https:// adminmanagement.int1. northwind.com as the endpoint.

Answer: A,C


Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure-stack/operator/azure-stack-enable-multitenancy?view=azs-2008

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