Which constructs should you use?


A company delivers packages to businesses and consumers. A custom entity named Package captures the package details.

You need to add the following sets of fields to the entity and leverage the built-in operations of the platform:

– A set of fields to represent the package length, width, depth, and weight. The maximum value for any dimension is 100 centimeters.

– A set of fields for time-sensitive attributes to calculate the efficiency of a delivery based on the existing custom fields: Pickup time and Delivery time. Results of the calculations must be stored as whole numbers.

Which constructs should you use? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



Box 1: DIFFINMINUTES(Created On, Delivery Time)

DIFFINMINUTES (date and time, date and time) returns the difference in minutes between two Date and Time fields as a whole Number

Box 2: Duration

Duration fields can be used to show a whole number as x number of minutes, x number of hours or x number of days instead of just showing the whole number of minutes to the user. Out of the box, CRM activities such as Phone Calls use the Duration field to track the length of time a phone call lasted. For new Phone Call activity records, the Duration field is set to 30 minutes, but the user can update that prior to completing the phone call activity record.

Prior to the user updating the field, they can click on the Optionset arrow and choose a formatted duration.




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