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Which configuration change will allow neighboring APs to be successfully detected? - Exam4Training

Which configuration change will allow neighboring APs to be successfully detected?

You are investigating a wireless performance issue and you are trying to audit the neighboring APs in the PF environment. You review the Rogue APs widget on the GUI but it is empty, despite the known presence of other APs.

Which configuration change will allow neighboring APs to be successfully detected?
A . Enable Locate WiFi clients when not connected in the relevant AP profiles.
B . Enable Monitor channel utilization on the relevant AP profiles.
C . Ensure that all allowed channels are enabled for the AP radios.
D . Enable Radio resource provisioning on the relevant AP profiles.

Answer: D


The ARRP (Automatic Radio Resource Provisioning) profile improves upon DARRP (Distributed Automatic Radio Resource Provisioning) by allowing more factors to be considered to optimize channel selection among FortiAPs. DARRP uses the neighbor APs channels and signal strength collected from the background scan for channel selection.

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/6.4.0/new-features/228374/add-arrp-profile-for-wireless-controller-6-4-2

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