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Which approach should the Specialist use for training a model using that data? - Exam4Training

Which approach should the Specialist use for training a model using that data?

A Machine Learning Specialist has completed a proof of concept for a company using a small data sample, and now the Specialist is ready to implement an end-to-end solution in AWS using Amazon SageMaker. The historical training data is stored in Amazon RDS.

Which approach should the Specialist use for training a model using that data?
A . Write a direct connection to the SQL database within the notebook and pull data in
B . Push the data from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon S3 using an AWS Data Pipeline and provide the S3 location within the notebook.
C . Move the data to Amazon DynamoDB and set up a connection to DynamoDB within the notebook to pull data in.
D . Move the data to Amazon ElastiCache using AWS DMS and set up a connection within the notebook to pull data in for fast access.

Answer: B

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