Which approach should the identity architect recommend?

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a new sportswear brand on its existing consumer portal built on Salesforce Experience Cloud. As part of the launch, emails with promotional links will be sent to existing customers to log in and claim a discount. The marketing manager would like the portal dynamically branded so that users will be directed to the brand link they clicked on; otherwise, users will view a recognizable NTO-branded page.

The campaign is launching quickly, so there is no time to procure any additional licenses.

However, the development team is available to apply any required changes to the portal.

Which approach should the identity architect recommend?
A . Create a full sandbox to replicate the portal site and update the branding accordingly.
B. Implement Experience ID in the code and extend the URLs and endpomts, as required.
C. Use Heroku to build the new brand site and embedded login to reuse identities.
D. Configure an additional community site on the same org that is dedicated for the new brand.

Answer: B

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