What should you do?

You create a dashboard by using the Microsoft Power Bl Service. The dashboard contains a card visual that shows total sales from the current year. You grant users access to the dashboard by using the viewer role on the workspace. A user wants to receive daily notifications of the number shown on the card visual. You need to automate the notifications .

What should you do?
A . Share the dashboard to the user.
B. Create a subscription.
C. Create a data alert.
D. Tag the user in a comment.

Answer: C


You can subscribe yourself and your colleagues to the report pages, dashboards, and paginated reports that matter most to you.

Power BI e-mail subscriptions allow you to:

✑ Decide how often you want to receive the emails: daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, or once a day after the initial data refresh.

✑ Choose the time you want to receive the email, if you choose daily, weekly, hourly, or monthly.

Note: Email subscriptions don’t support most custom visuals. The one exception is those custom visuals that have been certified.

Email subscriptions don’t support R-powered custom visuals at this time.




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