What should the engineer do first to achieve this goal?

A Veeam engineer creates a Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR) that uses AWS S3 as the Performance Tier. The backup job is configured to “Keep monthly full backups for: 12 months”. The engineer wants the backups to move to Glacier after 90 days.

What should the engineer do first to achieve this goal?
A . Create a Vault in S3 Glacier
B . Add AWS S3 as a Capacity Tier before they can use Glacier
C . Add an Archive Tier with the appropriate Bucket from S3
D . Reconfigure the SOBR to use block storage as the Performance Tier

Answer: B


In Veeam Backup & Replication, to utilize AWS S3 Glacier for long-term storage, the AWS S3 must first be added as a Capacity Tier within the Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR). This step is necessary before backups can be moved to Glacier. Once S3 is established as the Capacity Tier, the policies for moving backups to Glacier can be configured based on the retention requirements (in this case, after 90 days). This approach ensures that the monthly full backups are initially stored in S3 and then offloaded to Glacier for cost-effective long-term retention.

Reference: Veeam Documentation: Scale-Out Backup Repository

Veeam Help Center: AWS S3 as Capacity Tier and Archive Tier Configuration

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