What is the effect of this change?

Refer to the exhibits.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Switch-1 has a power issue that causes it to fail. When Switch-1 comes back up, endpoints lose connectivity for a few minutes. The network administrator decides to enter this command on Switch-1:

Switch-1 (config)# vlan 10 vrrp vrid 10 preempt-delay-time 120

Exhibit 2 shows the VRRP configuration just after the change.

What is the effect of this change?
A . Switch-1 and Switch-2 both become Master in their own VRRP virtual router due to the delay timer mismatch. The mismatch must be fixed.
B . Switch-1 now waits to take over as Master if it fails and recovers. This should prevent the connectivity issue from occurring again.
C . Switch-1 experiences an internal error in the VRRP process. This error causes Switch-2 to take over as Master for VLAN 2.
D . Switch-1 continues to act as it did before the preempt delay time was set. Administrators must plan additional changes to fix the issue.

Answer: C

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