What happens if the SMO Master fails?

What happens if the SMO Master fails?
A . The next SGM with the current lowest SGM ID assumes the role of the SMO Master.
B . The Backup SMO Master will take over in the event of a failure with the SMO Master.
C . A failover will occur on the MHO and traffic will continue to pass.
D . The Security Group will no longer pass traffic and the issue must be resolved with the SMO Master.

Answer: B


The SMO Master is the SGM that is responsible for managing the Security Group and communicating with the MHO. If the SMO Master fails, the Backup SMO Master, which is the SGM with the next lowest SGM ID, will take over the role of the SMO Master and ensure the continuity of the Security Group operations.

Reference = Maestro Expert (CCME) Course – Check Point Software, page 14; Check Point Accredited Maestro Expert – New exam a… – Check Point CheckMates, page 1.

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