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What are two benefits of using FortiManager to organize and manage the network for a group of FortiGate devices? (Choose two) - Exam4Training

What are two benefits of using FortiManager to organize and manage the network for a group of FortiGate devices? (Choose two)

What are two benefits of using FortiManager to organize and manage the network for a group of FortiGate devices? (Choose two)
A . It improves SD-WAN performance on the managed FortiGate devices.
B . It simplifies the deployment and administration of SD-WAN on managed FortiGate devices
C . It sends probe signals as health checks to the beacon servers on behalf of FortiGate
D . It reduces WAN usage on FortiGate devices by acting as a local FortiGuard server
E . It acts as a policy compliance entity to review all managed FortiGate devices

Answer: A E

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