What are the key considerations?

The customer decided to remove the Caveonix RiskForesight all-in-one service from the IBM Cloud and move to a distributed model for VMware Solutions. By default, IBM automatically deletes only the single deployed all-in-one Caveonix VM and the dedicated private subnet that was ordered for it.

What are the key considerations? (Select Two)
A . Old configurations can be deleted and migrated to a new environment
B . Delete the VM and Storage allocation, Cavenoix RiskForesight will discontinue data gathering and
services are deemed stopped
C . If you used the IP addresses of the dedicated private subnet on additional VMs, those VMs must be
assigned new IP addresses to continue to function

D . If you scaled out the Caveonix VM into multiple VMs, those additional VMs are not removed
E . Unsubscribe the license and remove the instance of all-in-one deployment in the VMware solutions,
release the IP address to DHCP, DNS servers

Answer: CD


https://cloud .ibm.com/docs/vmwaresolutions?topic=vmwaresolutions-caveonix_considerations

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