Vmware 5V0-61.19 Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management Specialist Online Training

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1. What are three common Workspace ONE UEM issues? (Choose three.)

2. The ACC service account must be a member of which two groups in the Active Directory to provide the minimum level of required access? (Choose two.)

3. Sometimes devices are unable to receive notifications from the Email Notification Services (ENS) server.

Which two troubleshooting steps should be taken? (Choose two.)

4. Which minimum rights on a Certificate Authority (CA) should be assigned for the account specified in the CA definition in the UEM Console?

5. A report is stuck in the queued state. Verification has shown that email delivery is working, but the reports are still not received.

What should be checked first?

6. What are the minimum requirements for the PowerShell Mail integration with Microsoft Exchange service account when only iOS and Android devices are in use? (Choose two.)

7. Where are the content gateway-related log files located on the Unified Access Gateway (UAG)?

8. An administrator is trying to add a public iOS application by using the App Store Search option from Workspace ONE UEM. The application this administrator is looking for is not listed.

What can be the problem?

9. Which Console location should be used to troubleshoot a device?

10. A user has completed troubleshooting an on-premises Workspace ONE UEM.

Which log level does the system need to be set back to?


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