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The issue for which team can be resolved by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? - Exam4Training

The issue for which team can be resolved by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?

Topic 1, Contoso Ltd

Case study

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A company named Contoso Ltd. has a main office and five branch offices located throughout North America. The main office is in Seattle. The branch offices are in Toronto, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

Contoso has a subsidiary named Fabrikam, Ltd. that has offices in New York and San Francisco.

Existing Environment

End-User Environment

All users at Contoso use Windows 10 devices. Each user is licensed for Microsoft 365. In addition, iOS devices are distributed to the members of the sales team at Contoso.

Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure

All Contoso applications are deployed to Azure.

You enable Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Contoso and Fabrikam have different Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants. Fabrikam recently purchased an Azure subscription and enabled Azure Defender for all supported resource types.

Current Problems

The security team at Contoso receives a large number of cybersecurity alerts. The security team spends too much time identifying which cybersecurity alerts are legitimate threats, and which are not.

The Contoso sales team uses only iOS devices. The sales team members exchange files with customers by using a variety of third-party tools. In the past, the sales team experienced various attacks on their devices.

The marketing team at Contoso has several Microsoft SharePoint Online sites for collaborating with external vendors. The marketing team has had several incidents in which vendors uploaded files that contain malware.

The executive team at Contoso suspects a security breach. The executive team requests that you identify which files had more than five activities during the past 48 hours, including data access, download, or deletion for Microsoft Cloud App Security-protected applications.


Planned Changes

Contoso plans to integrate the security operations of both companies and manage all security operations centrally.

Technical Requirements

Contoso identifies the following technical requirements:

✑ Receive alerts if an Azure virtual machine is under brute force attack.

✑ Use Azure Sentinel to reduce organizational risk by rapidly remediating active attacks on the environment.

✑ Implement Azure Sentinel queries that correlate data across the Azure AD tenants of Contoso and Fabrikam.

✑ Develop a procedure to remediate Azure Defender for Key Vault alerts for Fabrikam in case of external attackers and a potential compromise of its own Azure AD applications.

✑ Identify all cases of users who failed to sign in to an Azure resource for the first time from a given country. A junior security administrator provides you with the following incomplete query.


| where ActivityType == "FailedLogOn"

| where ________ == True

The issue for which team can be resolved by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?
A . executive
B . sales
C . marketing

Answer: B


Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/microsoft-defender-atp/microsoft- defender-atp-ios

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