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1. The code below shows a vieworder_items with its measures total_revenue and user_count

Which code correctly represents a new measure that calculates average revenue per user?





2. A user needs to create a report that shows a count of all orders and of orders over $100.

Which solution should the developer implement to meet these requirements?

3. A LookML developer builds a view that contains sensitive information. Only members of the Management group should have access to the view. The developer needs to restrict the view from appearing in the field picker for any Explore where it might be joined for users outside of the Management group.

Which LookML parameter should the developer use to meet this requirement?

4. A developer wants tocreate a measure that shows the item count broken out by category. When a second, more granular dimension is added to the same query, the count broken out by category should still represent the original aggregation and be duplicated on each line. The business wants this “count” in “category” available in the Explore section without any additional work done by the end user.

For example:

The Count column represents the count for each combination of Category and Item.

The Count in Category column represents the count for each Category only.

How can the developer address this need with a LookML object?

5. A user reports that, when a date dimension is filtered to “before now” results are returned that consistently include tomorrow. Dimension fill has been ruled out as a cause of the issue.

Which LookML parameter should be used to resolve this issue?

6. A developer needs to model out LookML to convert existing reports into Looker.

The existing reports are:

Report 1: A report with order and order_items data, which finds the order with the largest total value of the order_item prices.

Report 2: A report with order and order_items data, which finds the order with the largest total number of products ordered.

Report 3: A report with data on every product, whether or not it has been ordered.

Each database table used is updated in real time as orders are made.

How should the developer construct an Explore using the order_items view as the base view?

7. A developer has User Specific Time Zones enabled fora Looker instance, but wants to ensure that queries run in Looker are as performant as they can be. The developer wants to add a datatype: date parameter to all dimension_group definitions without time data in a table-based view, so that time conversions don’t occur for these fields.

How can the developer determine to which fields this parameter should be applied through SQL Runner?

8. A developer defines the following measure in the order_items view:

The code must validate without errors.

Which action should thedeveloper take?

9. A developer is building an e-commerce Explore with the following datasets: orders and users. The business user needs to be able to answer questions about sellers and buyers within the same Explore. Each order in the orders table reports a buyer and seller ID. The users table has the detailed information about the individual buyer and seller.

How should the Explore be defined to meet this requirement?





10. A user is seeing an error in the Explore that indicates the primary key defined for a one- million-row table is not unique.

How can the developer use SQL Runner to troubleshoot quickly?