Juniper JN0-333 Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) Online Training

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1. What are two supported hypervisors for hosting a vSRX? (Choose two.)

2. You are asked to change when your SRX high availability failover occurs. One network interface is considered more important than others in the high availability configuration. You want to prioritize failover based on the state of that interface.

Which configuration would accomplish this task?

3. Which three Encapsulating Security Payload protocols do the SRX Series devices support with IPsec? (Choose three.)

4. What are three characteristics of session-based forwarding, compared to packet-based forwarding, on an SRX Series device? (Choose three.)

5. You have configured source NAT with port address translation. You also need to guarantee that the same IP address is assigned from the source NAT pool to a specific host for multiple concurrent sessions.

Which NAT parameter would meet this requirement?

6. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, what will happen if client tries to connect to destination using HTTP?

7. Click the Exhibit button.

Which feature is enabled with destination NAT as shown in the exhibit?

8. Which two statements about security policy actions are true? (Choose two.)

9. Which two statements are true about global security policies? (Choose two.)

10. Which statement is true about functional zones?


Juniper JN0-333 Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) Online Training

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