Juniper JN0-230 Juniper Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Exam Online Training

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1. You want to automatically generate the encryption and authentication keys during IPsec VPN establishment.

What would be used to accomplish this task?

2. BY default, revenue interface are placed into which system-defined security zone on an SRX series device?

3. On an SRX device, you want to regulate traffic base on network segments.

In this scenario, what do you configure to accomplish this task?

4. Which two segments describes IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.)

5. Exhibit.

Which statement is correct regarding the interface configuration shown in the exhibit?

6. Which flow module components handles processing for UTM?

7. Which two match conditions would be used in both static NAT and destination NAT rule sets? (Choose two.)

8. Which statement about IPsec is correct?

9. Which two statements are true about the null zone? (Choose two.)

10. Which statements is correct about Junos security zones?