Juniper JN0-211 Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) Online Training

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1. Which type of topology is shown in the exhibit.

2. AppFormix has been deployed in your data center using the Juniper Telemetry interface (JTI) native sensors. However, the underlay devices have not yet been set up to work with the JTI native sensors.

Which action is required for the JTI native sensors to work properly?

3. Which statement is correct about an overlay network?

4. What are two protocols used by the NorthStar controller to discover the network topology? (Choose two).

5. You are deploying a vMX device in your network.

Which two virtualized components are required in this scenario? (choose two)

6. What are two objectives of SDN? (Choose two).

7. What are two examples of SaaS ? (choose two).

8. Which two data models are supported for the Junos Telemetry interface (JTI)? (Choose two).

9. Which two statement are true about virtualized platforms? (Choose two).

10. You are deploying a layer 2 underlay network with 2,000 devices and hosts.

Which two statement are correct? (Choose two).