Juniper JN0-1362 Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP) Online Training

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1. What are two high availability solution for routers with a single Routing Engine? (Choose two.)

2. The operations team reports that the network is now so large that it has become a challenge to manually create and maintain RSVP LSPs. You want to provide the team with the capability to create LSPs using a graphical interface.

Which system should you use in this scenario?

3. You are designing a new service provider network and need to select a label distribution mechanism that guides certain types of traffic along specific paths within the network.

Which two label distribution mechanisms would satisfy the requirements? (Choose two.)

4. You are asked to design a WAN for a large enterprise. Each site must have multiple connections for redundancy. MPLS is not available at every site butit is preferred where available.

Which topology satisfies these design requirements?

5. You are asked to provide a design proposal for a services provider’s core network. The network consists of both IPv2 and IPv4 addresses and must scale up to 50 core routing devices. As part of your design, you must in redundancy and ensure that future network expansion is easily incorporated.

In this scenario, which statement is correct regarding the BGP design?

6. What are two risks when using a source-based RTBH solution? (ChooseTWO)

7. Which three statements are true about class-of-service (CoS) schedulers? (Choose three )

8. Your organization expenenced a man-in-the-middle attack and must protect against future attacks.

In this scenario, what must you do to protect your network?

9. Your company's automation team is testing a controller-based solution for dynamic LSP management They do not want the topology acquisition process to allow the controller to become a transit node of the core network's.

Which solution would fulfill the requirements?

10. Which statement describes Juniper Networks network management design best practices?