HP HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam Online Training

It is a great way to start your IT career by passing HP HPE6-A69 exam. But the question is how to pass HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam exam? Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while preparing for Aruba Certified Switching Expert HPE6-A69 exam. Finding relevant and absolute HP HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam Online Training will help you a lot. It will broaden your mind in the preparation. Moreover, these HP HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam Online Training will helps you in understanding the real exam scenario.

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1. (Scenarios may contain multiple errors which may or may not impact the solution)

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer has attempted to configure two pairs of switches in the referenced configuration It is required to implement VSX at the aggregation layer

The pons of the ArubaOS-CX 8325 switches used for Agg01 and Agg02 are populated as follows:

The configuration of switch AGG01 includes

The VSX cluster is not forming.

Which modification should you make to resolve the error condition?

2. A customer is installing a new ArubaOS-CX switch The customer does not change the factory default QoS configuration The switch receives an 802.1Q tagged VOIP frame on a port The header contains a DSCP value of EF(46) and the frame has an 802 ip value of 5

How will the switch forward the frame?

3. Company A and Company B are merging their BGP routed networks. The companies have overlapping IP ranges and security concerns during the migration phase.

Which Aruba CX 8325 functionality would help the merging of networks in a secure way?

4. You are working with a customer whos has a paw of Aruba 8325 switches configured for Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation The customer is complaining that users are experiencing intermittent packet drops.

Which action should be taken to quickly aid you in identifying the cause?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

Aruba CX 6300 switch has routes in three different VRFs as per the example above. The user needs to leak routes between VRF Secure and VRF Dev. and also between VRF default and VRF Dev

The customer Is not able to establish routing between directly connected networks and

Which statement is true regarding the routing troubleshooting?

6. With the given topology, the customer Has ArubaOS-CX 6300 switches and Aruba Gateway in use.

What is required for the client traffic to be tunneled as per best practice between the connected switch port and the Aruba Gateway'' (Select two.)

7. A customer with an ArubaOS-CX 6300M switch is having a performance issue on the network and has received complaints about users experiencing intermittent connectivity. After performing troubleshooting it is determined that many of the local websites on the LAN that users are unable to reach are resolved to an invalid MAC address.

What are the minimum steps that should be performed to mitigate this condition? (Select two)

8. A customer wants to implement a new Aruba 6300M 48-port iGbE Class 4 PoE and d-port SFP56 Switch solution. The customer wants to automatically provision devices, connected to the switch with correct settings. VoIP phones need to be placed in VLAN 10, send out traffic with a VLAN tag. The phone is LLDP-MED capable

How can you accomplish this with the least amount of administrative effort?





9. A customer would like to utilize some ArubaOS-CX 6300M switches to perform OSPF routing.

All ports are routed, and ECMP is enabled, with other default parameters for OSPF.

What will be the result of traffic sent from CLIENT-A to CUENT-B?

10. When applying me following access-Iist to an ArubaOS-CX 6300 switch:

How does this ACL behave on the selected switch? (Select two.)