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1. A customer is purchasing an HPE MSA 2050 for a branch office. They will use it for critical data services. The customer is concerned that 64 snapshots will not be adequate as they grow.

What can be added to the array to address the customer’s concerns?


Refer to the exhibit.

You create two snapshots of a thin provisioned base volume in an HPE Primera. One snapshot is read only and the other is read-write. A write occurs at the location shown in in the diagram.

Place the actions on the left into the order they are taken on the right.


You are handing over the installed array to customer. The customer wants to review the amount of HDDs and SSDs in the system.

Click the relevant menu option where the front panel of the head shelf can be visualized.

4. A customer purchased a StoreOnce 3620 earlier in the year and has decided to add a 10G Base-adapter to it, which the customer sourced elsewhere and installed themselves. They complain that the new adapter is not configurable.

What is the most likely reason for this issue?

5. You deployed and configured an all-flash Nimble array. The customer wants to attach their Windows-based server to the array.

Which HPE tool can you use on the host server to make the integration easier?

6. A customer has a VMware environment running vSphere 6.5. They are running DL380 Gen10 servers with HPE 82Q adapters connected through a HPE SN3000B switch to a Nimble HF40. They plan to

upgrade the hypervisor.

What should they use to identify the latest firmware and compatibility information?

7. What is the typical protocol used to access data from object storage?


Match each HPE storage solution to its use case.


A customer has a Nimble HF40 and needs to create a support ticket.

Click the option in the InfoSight portal where the customer can perform this task.

10. Which feature allows HPE Primera, HPE Nimble, and HPE XP arrays to work with third-party management tools?