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1. Enhanced MSTP is evolved from MSTP, and the focus is on the evolution of packet service bearer technology, not the change of equipment.

2. Enhanced multi-service transfer node (MSTP) equipment technical requirements, in line with the requirements of the standard YD/T2486-2013.

3. The enhanced MSTP solution supports both the physical isolation of VC particles and the physical isolation of ODUK particles.

4. The enhanced MSTP solution does not support the 1588V2 synchronization method.

5. SDH basic transmission module is STM-4.

6. The 2M signal in the SDH standard has a total of 32 time slots.

7. The definition of OTN is Open transmission network.

8. The OTU unit can use different FEC types for docking, such as, the originating end uses AFEC, and the receiving end uses FEC.

9. The maximum electrical crossover capacity of OSN 9800 U32E is 32T.

10. The frame rate of ODU0 is 1.25Gbits/s, the frame rate of ODU1 is 2.5Gbits/s, and the frame rate of ODUflex is 40Gbits/s.