Huawei H13-831-ENU HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V1.0 Online Training

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1. Which of the following description of the HUAWEI CLOUD modular data center are correct? (Multiple choice)

2. Regarding the HUAWEI CLOUD cloud connection service, which of the following descriptions is correct?

3. When the back-end server group corresponding to HUAWEI CLOUD ELB contains multiple ECS instances, if the external processing capabilities of the Ecs instances are different, in order to make full use of the processing capabilities of the ECS instances. Which of the following options is the most reasonable?

4. The user found that there are many IPs starting with 100 frequently accessing the back-end ECS instance of their ELB, and the security check did not report the problem. Which of the following is the possible reason?

5. An enterprise has three different departments, each with its own HUAWEI CLOUD account. The HR department deployed a file sharing website to share the data of all on-the-job employees. The business department uploads the employee's attendance data to their VPC database. The finance department needs to access the HR department's attendance data to calculate the employee's salary. Which of the following configurations can be used by the administrator of the company to meet the needs of the three departments?

6. 201.31.6 was blocked by the subnet ACL due to the security of the network platform

7. A company has 2 VPCs in the same region of HUAWEI CLOUD. The network segment of the first VPC is 10. 10.0.0/16. One of the subnets is 10. 10. 1.0/24. The network segment of the two VFCs is One of the subnets is How does the company administrator need to configure the two subnets to communicate?

8. When a user uses the HUAWEI CLOUD ELB service to distribute load to multiple ECS instances, which of the following methods can be used to obtain the real IP address of the requesting user? (Multiple choice)

9. The health check mechanism of HUAWEI CLOUD ELB can identify whether there are unavailable ECS instances in the back-end server group. If there are, these abnormal ECS instances will not be assigned tasks until these ECS instances return to normal. However, in some special application scenarios, the health check needs to be turned off. Which of the following descriptions about turning off the health check is correct?

10. Which of the following statements about Pods in a HUAWEI CLOUD CCE cluster is wrong?