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1. The SmartPatition for OceaStor V3 storage can allocate independent cache space for different LUN. The capacity of the cache space is shared by both read and write operations.

2. Which configuration principle of Simpana backup media pool is wrong?

3. Which description of OceanStor V3 remote file system copy is correct? (Multiple choice)

4. Which of the following is not a feature that Huawei uses in migration?

5. About Huawei OceanStor18000 Smart Matrix architecture, which is not correct?

6. Currently, there are more and more demand for centralized storage of different types of services, and different types of services have different storage requirements.

A company plans to purchase a set of OceanStor V3 storage, configure 10 600GB SSD disks, 20 1.2T SAS disks, 40 4TB SATA disks, and plan to deploy oracle database, Exchange mail application and video application on this storage device. Which of the following configurations can improve overall business performance? (Multiple choice)

7. For huawei OceanStor V3 storage system prefetch strategy, which is true?

8. Which of the following description on the dual-live pair running status and host access status in HyperMetro is wrong?

9. The customer environment is RedHat 6, and the HBA is Emulex LPe12002. The operating system is powered by Huawei OceanStor V3. When the storage system and the host environment are directly connected to each other, the storage host port can select the P2P topology mode.

10. For common SOL Server 2005 and 2008, users can connect to database engine of a specified server through SQL Server Management Studio tool. There are two connection authentication ways in the "Connection" group, wherein in ( ) mode, need to provide a user ID and password required when client application connects.


Huawei H13-629-ENU HCIE-Storage (Written) (Internetwork Expert-Storage) Online Training

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