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1. The status sequence of HMM can neither be obtained directly nor through observation sequence.

2. Image target detection algorithm needs to be completed?

3. Which of the following steps in the MFC extraction process?

4. Which of the following options is not a method in the development of natural language processing?

5. In image processing tasks, what is the true label of the data set?

6. Which network structure does the convolutional neural network include?

7. What is the difficulty of speech recognition?

8. In the N-gram model, N refers to ignoring the effect of the above words with a distance greater than N. The larger the N, the richer the sequence information contained in the model, and the amount of calculation increases.

9. A model in which several linear models are mixed together is called a linear mixed model.

10. There are a lot of small noises in a photo during storage.

Which operation is the best for noise reduction?