Huawei H12-521_V1.0-ENU HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 Online Training

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1. When configuring the monitoring platform to connect with the analysis platform, if you forget to perform the " synchronize camera " operation on the Holosens iClient, what will be the consequences?

2. Which of the following are the reasons for the local PC cannot find the snapshot and video files? (Multiple Choice)

3. Which of the following descriptions about the view library system interface is wrong?

4. If the user created on iClient has exceeded the " valid time period ", which of the following operations need to be performed to ensure that the user can log in to the iClient client again?

5. SDC os is based on the characteristics of the container, ensuring that the camera can be started normally only after the integrity and legality of the system software package is verified during the startup phase, avoiding the malicious flashing of the outdoor deployment camera, and intruding into the user network.

6. If each Huawei HoloSens IVS1800 is connected to 64 cameras, how many IVS1800 can one iclient support at most?

7. For the two-way single-lane scene where vehicles pass, which of the following camera selection methods is most suitable for?

8. The PowerCube500 alarm indicator flashes yellow slowly, indicating:

9. The intelligent vision platform can conduct intelligent vehicle analysis by subscribing to the passing metadata of the smart camera.

10. At night, the brightness of the camera screen is too high. Which of the following methods can solve the problem?