Huawei H12-311_V3.0-ENU HCIA-WLAN V3.0 Online Training

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1. When did the initial application of wireless networks begin ()?

2. WLAN What are the working frequency bands ()? (Select 2 Answers)

3. Huawei Box Wireless Controller AC6605 support twenty four Piece PoE Interface in WLAN Can be directly connected when networking AC of AP Make a supply Electricity.

4. pass through FTP Way to upgrade AP, You need to ensure AP and FTP Servers can communicate with each other, and AP Put the upgrade file in FTP Root directory.

5. Indoor installation AP The power is generally () mW.

6. If changed AP The configuration parameters of the radio must be restarted AP The order can only take effect.

7. Which of the following rates is not 802.11a. The rate supported by the protocol ()?

8. Regarding the two major PoE standards, the following statement is incorrect (). (Select 2 Answers)

9. After wireless users connect to the wireless signal point, they can’t get it IP Address, what are the possible reasons ()? (Select 2 Answers)

10. Regarding the networking mode, the following description is correct ().