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1. Since the attribute AS-PATH cannot work well in the AS, it is stipulated that BGP routers will not announce any update information from IBGP peers to its IBGP peers.

2. Inject the BGP route by redistributing the command, and its ORIGIN attribute is INCOMPLETE.

3. AS (AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM) refers to a group of routers that are defined independently by users and use a unified routing strategy.

4. The master-slave relationship of OSPF neighbors is negotiated through DD packets.

5. IGMPv1 only contains two message types: membership query and membership report.

6. When two routers establish a logical BGP peer through multiple physical links, the peer connect-interface command must be used.

7. For link state routing protocols, filtering routes in the inbound direction can actually block the transmission of link state information. The effect of filtering is that the route cannot be added to the local routing table, and its neighbors cannot receive the complete Route status information.

8. In the OSPF routing protocol, the LSA types involved in the calculation of intra-area routes are only Router-LSA, Network-LSA and Summary LSA.

9. When two routers exchange database information through DD messages, a master-slave relationship is first formed, the one with the larger ROUTER ID must be the master, and the slave bit is determined to be MS.

10. LS Sequence Number is used to detect expired and repeated LSA. It is a 32-bit signed integer, so the largest LS SEQUENCE NUMBER is 0X7FFFFFFF.