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1. Which of the following descriptions of the error correction coding of eLTE-IoT is wrong?

2. OceanConneot's Portal has ()? (multiple choice)

3. Which of the following options is the AT command for reporting data

4. The smart gateway is the core of the entire smart home network and the middle frame of the home network interconnection.

5. The physical layer technology of Huawei IoT Gateway 6LoWPAN adopts the following () standards?

6. If the data part of the AT command to be sent is 010203405, the length should be set to ()?

7. Among the following options, which terminal access methods that are not commonly used in smart homes are ()?

8. The memory management of HuaweiLitieOS is divided into static memory management and dynamic memory management. The advantage of dynamic memory is that it is allocated on demand without fragmentation.

9. Huawei Smart Gateway is based on the OSGI open platform. Hardware driver plug-ins and application plug-ins can be dynamically installed, started, Upgrade and uninstall (plug and play), users can install

independently, and operators can centralize control.

10. The T-BOX vehicle control process does not need to go through the Iot platform