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1. -- ExhibitC

-- Exhibit -­

Which one of the following techniques does the author rely on most to tell the story?

2. -- ExhibitC

-- Exhibit -­

When Amanda says, "I can see the handwriting on the wall . . . It’s terrifying!" (lines 16C18), what does she mean?

3. -- ExhibitC

Why does Molly make “a wordless sound” (line 17)?

4. -- ExhibitC

-- Exhibit -­

Which of the following phrases indicates that the Bank is trying not to upset the employees?

5. -- ExhibitC

-- Exhibit -­

What do the details in lines 11C20 reveal about the narrator?

6. -- ExhibitC Earlier in the story, Ray is driving a herd of cattle when a blizzard hits. He continues with the cattle drive, making decisions to protect the animals.

How does this picture of Ray fit with the picture of him revealed in this excerpt?

7. -- ExhibitC

-- Exhibit -­

The narrator tries to appease her friend by saying, "It’s only make-believe," but her friend cries out, "No! It isn’t! You know it isn’t!" (lines 39C42).

With what are the girls wrestling?

8. Exhibit:

What is revealed about the quality of the speaker’s love when she says, “Better by far that you should forget and smile / Than that you should remember and be sad” (lines 13C14)?

9. -- ExhibitC

How does the narrator excuse Theobald’s lack of interest in "the greater number" of the young ladies at Mrs. Cowey’s parties (line 31)?

10. -- ExhibitC

-- Exhibit -­

What does the comparison “They were a couple that, like the slough spread out northwest behind them, flowed two ways” (lines 2C5) tell the reader about Molly and Ray?