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1. You configured four Device Administrator user accounts for your Firebox.

To see a report of witch Device Management users have made changes to the device configuration, what must you do? (Select two.)

2. Which takes precedence: WebBlocker category match or a WebBlocker exception?

3. From the Firebox System Manager >Authentication List tab, you can view all of the authenticated users connected to your Firebox and disconnect any of them.

4. Users on the trusted network cannot browse Internet websites.

Based on the configuration shown in this image, what could be the problem with this policy configuration? (Select one.)


Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function:

6. Which of these threats can the Firebox prevent with the default packet handling settings? (Select four.)

7. In the network configuration in this image, which aliases is Eth2 a member of? (Select three.)

8. To enable remote devices to send log messages to Dimension through the gateway Firebox, what must you verify is included in your gateway Firebox configuration? (Select one.)

9. An email newsletter about sales from an external company is sometimes blocked by spamBlocker.

What option could you choose to make sure the newsletter is delivered to your users? (Select one.)

10. You can use Firebox-DB authentication with any type of Mobile VPN.