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1. Which default recognition methods are available when creating a new revenue recognition rule? (Choose two.)

2. Which scenario requires an Advanced Electronic Bank Payments license?

3. Which statement is true about setting up Multi-Currency Customers?

4. Which statement is true about restricting forms to roles?

5. A company that uses FIFO costing method is going live.

Which transaction best captures the time-based nature of inventory cost?

6. A Custom Role cannot view a Custom Field on an Entity Form, which of the following permissions need to be assigned in order to be able to view it?

7. What feature enables a user to create Billing Schedules in order to invoice sales over a time period or contract term?

8. Which statement is true when configuring the default Vendor Prepayment Account?

9. What is the maximum number of Quantity-based Price Levels a user can set up in NetSuite?

10. A saved search needs to return results that show the number of the Bill Payment and the Bill it is applied to.

Which Search Type and Join Relationship in the Results column (respectively) will obtain the desired result?