Esri EGMA105 Enterprise Geodata Management Associate 10.5 Online Training

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1. A planning department is setting up a projects to collect data in the field using Collect for ArcGIS, Project requirements specify:

* The data must be editable by both mobile application and ArcGIS Desktop users

* Users an archiving workflow

* Is stored on-premises

Which geodatabase type supports the projects requirements?

2. Which technique improves label drawing performance?

3. A publisher needs to create a map service that references data from an enterprise geodatabase. The enterprise geodatabase uses Operating System authentication.

Which user account must be granted permission to access the data/

4. What is an example of a point topology rule?

5. Which Database Connection properly can be used to point specific transactional version/

6. Several tables with followed by an underscore and an H are visible in the ArcCatalog table of contents.

What is causing these tables to shows?

7. In a geodatabase, there are two child version of the DEFAULT version. Edit 1 owns and edits the version called version 1, and Editor 2 owns edits the version called Version2. All version in the geodatabase are projected. Version1 needs to incorporate the changes made in Version2.

What workflow is recommended?

8. A GIS analyst sets up a layer file to display managed in an enterprise geodatabase.

When using the layer file in a map, the user notices the following issues:

A read exclamation mark appears next to the layer

The layer fails to display any feature

Which aspect of the file is causing the problem?

9. A company needs to manage a large collection elevation and slope data in an enterprise geodatabase.

Which geodatabase element is recommended?

10. A client has a two-way replica that it needs to synchronize through an ArcGIS Enterprise service.

What type of service must be created for those requirements?